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Monday, November 12, 2012

Dehydrator Recipe Monday's

Ok, as the title says, every Monday I will be posting a new dehydrator recipe. Dehydrators are great when you are preparing food for storage. People have been dehydrating food for centuries! It is not a new technique. "For centuries, dehydrating food has been seen as a survival necessity. Many believe this preservation method is the safest, most affordable and best way to preserve flavors of foods. The dehydration process removes moisture from the food so that bacteria, yeast and mold cannot grow. The added benefit is the dehydration process minimally effects the nutritional content of food. In fact, when using an in-home dehydration unit, 3%-5% of the nutritional content is lost compared to the canning method which losses 60%-80% of the nutritional content. Additionally, vitamins A and C, carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, magnesium, selenium and sodium are not altered or lost in the drying process. Therefore, the end result is nutrient packed food that can be stored long term." For the rest of the article that I quoted you can find it here http://readynutrition.com/resources/dehydrate-foods-for-long-term-storage_31032010/

The above article is very informative. It gives you the basics on why food dehydration is good for survival, how to dehydrate food effectively, how long the food will last, and the best ways to store dehydrated food.  

Now for the recipe! I am including a short video from youtube that shows a great beef jerky recipe! It walks you through all the steps of making this beef jerky recipe and is great for first time beef jerky makers! Enjoy!

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