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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another way to stay warm in a survival situation!

I found this great article on the Survival Cache website and wanted to pass it along. http://survivalcache.com/dual-survival-emergency-blanket-heat-shelter/

A Reason to Actually Use Emergency Blankets

Dual Survival - The Cody Lundin Emergency Blanket Heat Shelter
If you read my review of the AMK Emergency Bivvy Sack you know I’m not a big fan of Mylar Emergency Blankets but the AMK Emergency Bivvy is awesome. Sure they’re cheap, small, and light but they are also just a square and not conducive to wrapping up or shelter building. Now I’ve found a reason to carry them anyway.

Reflective Heat Source

If you watch Dual Survival on the Discover Channel you know where I’m going with this.
In this episode Cody Lundin, of When All Hell Breaks Loose, used a Mylar Emergency Blanket as a heat reflector to warm up his shelter.
He managed to get his shelter to a smoking 70 degrees even though it was in the low 30′s outside. That’s some serious heating power and the mylar blanket was big part of that.
Mylar sheets are highly reflective and this is obviously a much better use of an emergency blanket than simply trying to wrap up and sleep in it. Build a fire and get your own heating system.

Get Some

So now you actually have a good reason to get some Mylar Emergency Blankets. On Amazon you can buy a 4 Pack for about $5.00 with free shipping or you can get a 12 Pack for about $15.00, also free shipping if you spend over $25.

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