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Friday, December 21, 2012

Bug Out Vehicles and Survival

Going to talk about bug out vehicles today for a bit. People seem to think that you need an armored tank or something. While this might be nice in some instances, it's not really needed or required. To my way of thinking it is much better to have a vehicle that can get you out of a situation and into a better one quickly. Some of the bigger vehicles may be nice and offer some protection but if they are really slow and too big and clumsy to get away then what is the point? Anyone could set up a road block and wait you out. It's as simple as that.
What I want is something small and quick that I can get out of in a hurry if I need to. I prefer either an ATV or an Argo Amphibious Vehicle. These vehicles are very versatile, can go just about anywhere you want to go, are not big and clumsy, and give me the option to leave the vehicle quickly if I need to.
Now some are going to say, what about the elements? You have no shelter. Well, my answer to that is that there are plenty of places out there to take shelter without staying in your vehicle. Ever heard of a tent? Or how about building a shelter? You don't need to have a shelter attached to your vehicle that will just tie you down and make it harder for you to travel quickly and quietly.
It's hard to sneak around when you are driving a diesel or a school bus. You won't make it unnoticed and you will be a nice moving target that is easily followed. An ATV is small and can go places the bigger  vehicles can't, making a whole lot more difficult for people to follow you.     

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