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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gun Safety and Children

I'd like to take a moment and talk about children and gun safety. Even if you are a survivalist, even if you have trained your children how to handle firearms, they still need to know how to act around an unknown firearm or any firearm when they are not properly supervised. One of the best programs for this is the NRA Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program. It's very simple and teaches kids one very simple rule. "If you see a gun, STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult!"
I don't care who you are or what your training is or who your child is or how much training your child has. In an unsupervised situation when your child is not directly under your supervision then the above rule should always apply! In fact I'll take it a step further. If your child does have training with guns then they should be the first ones to obey the above rule and make sure other children they may be with know how to react if they come in contact with a gun.
The above rule also pertains to someone carrying a gun. If your child sees any gun, on the ground, just laying around, hidden, or carried by someone, doesn't matter where the gun is the above rule still applies. Whether the person who has the gun is a child or an adult. If your child sees a gun teach them the above rule on how to deal with it! "If you see a gun, STOP! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult!"
My suggestion, look into the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program! It can be found on the internet at the NRA Site. For more information go here   http://eddieeagle.nra.org/

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