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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mayan Calendar

Well, the end of the Mayan calendar is tomorrow. Some of you may think the world will end. I don't, however I am not going hold it against those that do. Even today's calendar's end and then start over in the New Year. The Mayan long calendar is just coming to an end it is the beginning of the new calendar period. Just like our calendars of today.  
However, it never hurts to have things in order and have supplies set aside for an emergency situation. At some point in your life or in the lives of your children, they might be needed. You never know when a tornado might hit or an earthquake. Life is unpredictable and you must be prepared for all events that could happen. That is what this blog is about. Being prepared for emergency situations. Taking care of yourself and your family. Taking responsibility for your lives and the lives of your loved ones. You can't count on other people to do it for you. The government can only do so much and can only respond so fast to an emergency situation. You have to be prepared to help yourself.

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